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Wawaka, Indiana, United States




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With English and American bulldogs puppies for sale now, Bruiser Bulldogs has your next family pet waiting. Look through our American and English bulldog puppies and fall in love with a beautiful bulldog for sale in Indiana, Michigan, or available for delivery anywhere in the country.

Bruiser Bulldogs - Puppies for Sale

Bruiser Bulldogs currently does not have any puppies for sale on PupLookUp.

Some more information about Bruiser Bulldogs:

Hello! Bruiser Bulldogs is a family run operation built on loving and caring for our dogs to the best of our ability.  When you purchase a bulldog from our family you carry the confidence that your puppy came from one of the leaders within the bulldog community.  Our “Bruiser” puppies have a reputation for their superior quality.  This quality comes from our mission statement of producing superior bulldogs with an emphasis on comprehensive socialization, a clean bill of health, and champion bloodlines.  Our family centered focus allows us to produce puppies that have been socialized, loved, and cared for hours upon a time.

Mission Statement

“Producing superior dogs with an emphasis on comprehensive socialization, a clean bill of health, and champion bloodlines”
Comprehensive socialization

Proper socialization ensures that your puppy will adapt smoothly to its new home, friends, and family.   Each of our puppies is introduced daily to new sounds and experiences that help mold their personality and character.  We allow them to interact with other dogs, cats, children, strangers, and even experiences such as a daily bath to help them develop confidence and ensure proper behavior as an adult.  Much of the behavioral issues that adult dogs display are directly related to their upbringing as a puppy and the breeder that raised it.  If you are looking for a well socialized dog, we are one of the leaders and innovators in raising confident, socially adept puppies.

Along with correct socialization, we also believe in placing the right puppy in the right home.  Like humans, puppies all carry different personality traits and respond more positively to certain environments.  At Bruiser Bulldogs, we conduct a series of personality tests with each of our puppies that will help you decide which puppy fits you best.  Potential owners are able to choose a bulldog baby with the color, sex, and personality that they like best.

Bruiser Bulldogs strive to produce healthy, athletic dogs that live long lives.  We are able to do this by looking at the genetics of each dog we own.  While many breeders simply desire a certain “look” out of their dogs, we consider health and temperament before breeding for a “look”.  Each of our dogs comes from genetic lines that have been historically healthy and free of the hip and breathing problems that plague many bulldogs.

Champion Bloodlines:

Although we value health and socialization at the highest level, we do appreciate bulldogs that have sound conformation, toned muscle, and big heads.  These physical characteristics once again start with genetics.   All of our bulldogs have rich pedigrees within their bloodlines and most importantly come from genetically healthy backgrounds
Breeding Stock

So how do we find the perfect combination of health, temperament, and champion bloodlines? We do our homework!  A Bruiser Bulldog only comes through our commitment to bulldog education.  Do not settle for a breeder that does not keep up with the latest research and bulldog education. Countless hours of reading, listening, and searching have brought us to the point of being bulldog educated.

We choose our dogs, also called breeding stock, according to our mission statement priorities.  First, the potential bulldog, must show confidence within their personality.  This might be a dominant, loud confidence or it could be a softer, quiet confidence.  Regardless, confidence must shine through their personality.  We believe proper puppy socialization is enabled by confident parents through example and genetics.  The second important pillar within a Bruiser temperament is the lack of aggression.  Aggressive behavior is not tolerated within the Bruiser camp.  Upon choosing our breeding stock, a dog that shows aggressive behavior is simply eliminated from our selection process.  We believe that aggression is a genetic trait that is often passed on to the offspring.  Our Bruiser Bulldogs are extremely confident and never aggressive!

We say that we offer Bulldogs with a clean bill of health.  In all reality, this statement often underscores what we truly offer.  Our focus is to offer Bulldogs that come from generations of good health.  We often receive puzzled looks when researching a dog that we are considering for our breeding stock.  Why would we ask about the health of the great-grandsire or the great-great granddam?  We ask these questions because genetic health matters.  I mentioned earlier, bulldog education is a must.  This becomes even more important when considering a bulldog’s health.  Our dogs are cared for on the highest level!  You can find more information on Bulldog Care here.

Warning: When buying an animal, safely meet the seller in person. Never purchase an animal sight unseen.