Buying a Puppy

Buying a puppy is a big decision. Having 164 different AKC dog breeds (and a total database of ~700 dog breeds) doesn’t make that decision any easier. Puplookup helps you buy the perfect puppy breed for your family with our breed selection tools. Try the dog-for-me quiz to get started on the path to buying the perfect puppy.

The dog breed selection process is not to be taken lightly!

Depending on you, your family, and your style of living, some dog breeds will love you. But certain breeds could be miserable living with you.

Research the dog breeds that you are interested in before making a decision. Topics that you should research should include the breed's health and nutrition requirements, training ability, preferred environment, activity level, grooming requirements, etc.

Ways to Find the Right Puppy to Buy:

  1. Dog For Me Quiz

    Answer the questions about what you are looking for in a puppy and start narrowing down your breed options using our best dog breed for me quiz.
  2. 30 Most Popular Breeds

    See what breeds the majority of people are enjoying based on the most popular dog breeds according to the AKC. The dog breeds are categorized by size and weight.
  3. Types of Dog Breeds

    Are you looking for a certain type of dog. A guard dog perhaps? The browse the dogs by category. Terrier, toy, spitz, spaniel, herding, hunting -- Find a puppy by understanding the category of dog breed type the puppy falls under.
  4. View Dog Breeds by Size

    Are you looking for a tiny dog, small dog, medium dog, large dog, or huge dog? Browse a list of all dog breeds by size.
  5. Dogs For Kids

    Do you have children in your home? Find a dog that's good with kids.
  6. Guard Dogs (Attack Dogs / Barking Dogs)

    Looking for a dog to protect your home? Browse our list of best attack and barking guard dogs.
  7. Hypoallergenic Dogs

    Do you have someone in your home who suffers from allergies? Browse our list of hypoallergenic dogs.
  8. Low Energy Dogs

    Do you need a low level energy dog? Perhaps you live in an apartment and need a dog that will be happy living in a small area. We will tell you what dogs would be happy in an apartment and what dogs would be miserable.
  9. Dogs That Don't Shed

    Do you want a dog that will not leave a trail of hair in it's path? Browse our list of dogs that don't shed.
  10. Recently Added Puppies

    Browse through some of the recently added puppies for sale right on our home page.