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Lofty Memoies

Lofty Memoies


Australian Shepherd


Lofty Memories



Louisville, Kentucky, United States



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Our Aussie puppies are raised in our home. We do not only sell Aussie pups but also help those who already own Australian Shepherds.

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Lofty Memoies currently does not have any puppies for sale on PupLookUp.

Some more information about Lofty Memoies:

My wife and i are just one happy family who have crazy love for Australian Shepherd puppies. We first met, i was 16 and  i just had my first Australian Shepherd. Since i just had him, the breeder advised me to take him to the vet for a checkup. So, they  have had Australian Shepherds in their family for just so many years and she grew up around them. She seemed to know a lot about Australian Shepherds. Stuff like the feeding, and all that. We ran into each other at the vet couple of times and we’ve been together since then. We have been blessed with two children who are just the best! Truth is, before we finally decided to start having kids, we were already parents, Yes, you read that right! we are already raising these cute little Australian Shepherd puppies and having them around thought us a lot about parenting. Australian Shepherd puppies are really smart and affectionate. So, they will therefore make really great companions to anyone out there looking for a best buddy. We can be of help, simply contact us and you will be getting a response from us.

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