Belgian Malinois

AKC Recognized large size dog Good Attack Dog High Energy Dog

Popular Dog Breed Questions:

Is the Belgian Malinois AKC recognized?


What size is the Belgian Malinois?


What is the average weight of a Belgian Malinois?

55 - 65 lbs.

Is a Belgian Malinois a good guard dog?

It's Excellent! It is willing to attack, pin, or corner intruders.

Is a Belgian Malinois good with kids?

Not Necessarily.

What type of energy level does a Belgian Malinois have?

Extreme high energy - needs large yard.

Is the Belgian Malinois hypoallergenic?


Does the Belgian Malinois shed?

Yes, it sheds.
What type of dog is the Belgian Malinois? Herding.

More information on the Belgian Malinois:

See also “Belgian Sheepdog”.

Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale:


Belgian Malinois




8 Week



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Shadow Farms
The smart, confident, and versatile Belgian Malinois is a world-class worker who forges an unbreakable bond with his human partner. To deny a Mal activity and the pleasure of your company is to deprive him of his very reasons for being.

Hello, we have made available 7 Belgian Malinois puppies. They are 8 weeks of age and just had all of their vital shots. They are energetic, cute, and ready to play. These dogs are loyal and protective. They are also beyond smart! This is their mothers second litter and the entirety of the other litter went to working people, military, police, etc. . This is now your chance to own one of the most popular breeds today!

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