Berger Blanc Suisse

Not AKC Recognized large size dog Good Guard Dog (Barks) Good With Kids

Popular Dog Breed Questions:

Is the Berger Blanc Suisse AKC recognized?


What size is the Berger Blanc Suisse?


What is the average weight of a Berger Blanc Suisse?

55 - 85 lbs.

Is a Berger Blanc Suisse a good guard dog?

Yes - It will bark at intruders.

Is a Berger Blanc Suisse good with kids?

Yes, it's great with kids.

What type of energy level does a Berger Blanc Suisse have?

Average Energy Level.

Is the Berger Blanc Suisse hypoallergenic?


Does the Berger Blanc Suisse shed?

Yes, it sheds.
What type of dog is the Berger Blanc Suisse? Herding.

Berger Blanc Suisse Puppies For Sale:


Berger Blanc Suisse




9 Month



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Bella Neve Shepherds
Our beautiful Berger Blanc Suisse aka White Swiss Shepherds are bred at the breeds highest standard. Puppies available now! Taking reservations for upcoming litters for their FurEver home. Our program produces the ultimate dog. They can be trained for Therapy, PTSD, SAR, Show, Autism, Diabetes, Epilepsy to name a few. They're great with children & they are smart & loyal to their family. We care for our dogs as family members. We look for the same in their FurEver home. If you are a Veteran/Active Duty/Police/Fire Fighter - save $300.00. Please email your adoption application in orderr to start the process. No deposit until Puppies arrive!