Bluetick Coonhound

Not AKC Recognized large size dog High Energy Dog

Popular Dog Breed Questions:

Is the Bluetick Coonhound AKC recognized?


What size is the Bluetick Coonhound?


What is the average weight of a Bluetick Coonhound?

0 - 0 lbs.

Is a Bluetick Coonhound a good guard dog?

No - it's not a good guard dog.

Is a Bluetick Coonhound good with kids?

Not Necessarily.

What type of energy level does a Bluetick Coonhound have?

Extreme high energy - needs large yard.

Is the Bluetick Coonhound hypoallergenic?


Does the Bluetick Coonhound shed?

Yes, it sheds.
What type of dog is the Bluetick Coonhound? Scenthound.

Bluetick Coonhound Puppies For Sale:


Bluetick Coonhound




17 Months



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Wetapoltd Kennel
We take great pride in helping you find the best bluetick that will meet your goals for competitive hunters, Show or home and make your investment of time, passion, and money one of the best decisions you ever make in the bluetick world. Wetapo Kennel has the finest collection of Cameron blueticks. Email

I'm sorry to say that I only have one or so litters a year and I never had 10 brood bitches to supply everyone with quality puppies, but when your breeding outstanding Cameron hounds they don't last long.

I'm located in the heart of Alabama and devoted full time to my Blueticks. We are proud to have the chance to raise some of the finest Cameron Blueticks for big and small game, and provide quality hounds at a championship level for hunting, showing, or for the home. We are dedicated to the preservation of the true old fashioned Bluetick. We want to produce a true ​dual purpose hound and to breed premium performance Blueticks. Wetapo Creek wants to keep this particular Cameron bloodlines going to produce better quality hounds. I'm proud to be able to take this journey and to build a successful foundation at Wetapo Creek . We invite you to browse our new website and enjoy the pictures and pedigrees of these wonderful Cameron hounds!

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