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Crowned as Sovereign Boerboel

Crowned as Sovereign Boerboel




Crowned as Sovereign Boerboel



Frederick, Maryland, United States




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We are a small Frederick based working kennel focused upon the preservation, advancement, and improvement of the boerboel breed through health, temperament, and performance testing.
Crowned as Sovereign Boerboel Crowned as Sovereign Boerboel Crowned as Sovereign Boerboel

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Crowned as Sovereign Boerboel currently does not have any puppies for sale on PupLookUp.

Some more information about Crowned as Sovereign Boerboel:

Our kennel motto says it all – “We breed to perform and perform to breed. We do not breed just to breed.”

Like an architect’s blueprint is essential to an engineer or contractor, a pedigree should be just as important to a breeder, conditioner, or handler when planning a breeding, as he/she should be laying out the framework for the construction of a desired result.  Health is just as important, if not more. Just as a race-car with bad parts cannot perform at an optimal level, neither can a dog with bad health.  Like an mechanical engineer striving to shave seconds from lap times by making improvements, modifications, and studying history, we strive to build a better canine by doing much of the same.

Health is indispensable, temperament is essential, and maintaining the integrity of South African Boerboel breed standard is elemental.  But when all is said and done, performance and work ability are the most reliable measuring sticks, which should encompass the former.   The belief at C.A.S.B. is that a dog must be ready to perform its duty when called upon, so it must remain ready at all times – being prepared mentally, via training, as well as physically, via conditioning. 

Through hard work and dedication C.A.S.B. will leave its mark upon the South African Boerboel breed, in forming a Sovereign bloodline.

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