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Teglborg Boerboels

Teglborg Boerboels







Braedstrup, Denmark




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House bred Boerboels with health and temperament as prority number one.

Teglborg Boerboels - Puppies for Sale

Teglborg Boerboels currently does not have any puppies for sale on PupLookUp.

Some more information about Teglborg Boerboels:

All my dogs are house dogs and our pups are socialised in every possible way before they leave our house. 
Health and temperament are of the highest priority and we don`t compromise in our breeding.
All breeding dogs are testet free of HD, ED, vaginal hyperplacia, ectropion/entropion, chyptochism, patella luxation, crooked tail syndrom and they all have DNA profiles.
Pups will be sold with a 2 year written health guarantee, passport, microchip, healthcertificate and Boerboel International pedegree.
I want my dogs to be agile, free and move unimpeded, as for me that is a healthy dog.
I also want my dogs to show great confidence, as for them to handle any situation that might occur in a day to day life in the countryside, with lots of people comming and going.
Which means to be social with many people, respectful and careful around children, accept other animals and be the family`s best friend, as well as a good watchdog.
In short; a true Boerboel temperament
Warning: When buying an animal, safely meet the seller in person. Never purchase an animal sight unseen.