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Butte Ranch Enterprises

Butte Ranch Enterprises


Border Collie


Butte Ranch Enterprises



Lebanon, Oregon, United States




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We raise border collies for the working farm and ranch. There are from time to time pups not suitable for herding or farm work that we place in homes with border collie experience or people willing to take on the energetic dog. From time to time we also place retired breeding stock so they can live out the later years of their life in a comfortable home with a loving family.

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Butte Ranch Enterprises currently does not have any puppies for sale on PupLookUp.

Some more information about Butte Ranch Enterprises:

Butte Ranch Enterprises has years of experience with Border Collies prior to begining their venture into breeding Border Collies.  We breed Border Collies with an eye on herding to help the farmer rancher day be less stressed while at the same time being aware that one must spend hours each day with these dogs at times while working the livestock.  Our dogs are from some of the top herding lines found in the United States.  We have imported dogs in our dog background which have shown great herding ability.  Herding is these dogs drive, love, reason they were developed.  We do not raise Border Collies which will do will in the show ring but dogs that can work all day beside you to help you and business grow. 


On occation we take a few of the dogs to a herding trail.  The dogs will work several livestock some days other trails they will be working only one form of livestock.  Days that they work ducks, sheep, and cattle we know they have had a good all around day.  Then there are the days they work Cattle only, several times that day somedays.  Each livestock type of trail requires a different mind set of not only the handlers but the dogs to achieve such a feat.  The days the dogs work mutiple livestock are challenging days for both the handler and the dogs. 

We do have from time to time dogs we retire or dogs returned for various reasons beyond the dog having issues (often health of the owner is connected to the dogs return) in these cases we do have dogs which may need to be rehomed.  We try to place dogs in working home or home in which these dogs will be given a job as in herding to flyball all many others to many to name.  Visit our website , look around at the dogs, the farming and ranching we do or have done. 

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