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BullDingue Bulldogges

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Murdochville, Canada




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We breed Olde English Bulldogges and Olde Victorian Bulldogges. Our dogs are selected to give you a hale and hearty bulldogge that can fallow you in all your activities and be a faithful companion. Our dogs have multi generational pedigree exempt of genetic defect. All our dogs are born and raised in house and well socialized.

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Some more information about BullDingue Bulldogges:

rosie and angelI’ve raised and breed English Bulldog for many years. I was in love with their little clown face. Unfortunately, like many other owners and breeders of English Bulldog, I encounter many health and breeding issues.

A few years ago I started to search for a compromise. I loved my English Bulldogs but I didn’t want to keep on breeding a breed that was now deteriorated by so many decades of mist breeding.

My search led me to the  Olde English Bulldogge, witch from my point of view, has every characteristics of the English Bulldog without  the health issues. His athletic size and shape makes him a more active say sportive dog. The Olde English Bulldogge is the real Bulldog like it was 300 years ago. Full of energy, a real clown and a good faithful companion.

So I bought my first couple from breeders that already had a stable and well established lineage. At first I choose the Olde type from the Leavitt lineage. A matter of taste only.  In 2010 I bought 2 superb Bulldogges from the Victorian lineage.

All my dogs live in  house.

All my dogs are 100% Bulldogge  ( no Pittbull or other cross-breeding ). They are well manner, very friendly and wonderful companions.

Ho I forgot “BullDingue” means “crazy about Bullies” in french!

A family member

rosie at home

At BullDingue’s place no outside kennel! All our dogs live in the house, here or in a forever family where they are really a family member.  Their family are close friends who wanted to share the adventure with us. We wouln’t entrust our beloved dogs to stanger!

When one of the dogs retires it stays for ever with is family. Our females are mated only once a year. All our puppies go outside to play, breathe the country fresh air.

Warning: When buying an animal, safely meet the seller in person. Never purchase an animal sight unseen.