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PrideNJoyz Cane Corso

PrideNJoyz Cane Corso


Cane Corso





Lansdale, Pennsylvania, United States




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I am a small hobby breeder and fancier, who is constantly researching and learning about the Cane Corso and dogs in general. Located just outside Philadelphia, PA. Our puppies are raised following the Puppy Culture program and on a species appropriate diet.
PrideNJoyz Cane Corso PrideNJoyz Cane Corso PrideNJoyz Cane Corso PrideNJoyz Cane Corso PrideNJoyz Cane Corso PrideNJoyz Cane Corso

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PrideNJoyz Cane Corso currently does not have any puppies for sale on PupLookUp.

Some more information about PrideNJoyz Cane Corso:

What sets me apart from other breeders is that I am a "doer" and not "speaker" or "benchwarmer".  My dogs are tested in temperament, obedience, conformation, coursing, herding and various other aspects.  I am actively involved in these activities with our dogs and our puppy families.  I believe a breeder should mentor/teach by example rather than a "do as I say" method.  I encourage each of our puppy families to attend activities and if possible, I join them.  I know that our success depends more on my actions than on yours. I am proud that my Cane Corso are well-rounded and versatile, as I do not feel this breed was meant to be solely a show dog.  I believe this breed should keep its guardian instincts, working ability and presence and that potential owners should understand the commitment it takes to own a Cane Corso prior to opening your heart and home to one.  

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