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Windy City Corsos/

Windy City Corsos/


Cane Corso





Elgin, South Carolina, United States




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Income Tax Specials Born 7/23/2014.. ICCF REGISTERED dewclaws removed, docked tails , current shots, large boned, championship bloodlines, great temperament $800.00usd
Windy City Corsos/

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The Cane Corso is a great guard dog, extremely loyal to its family and quite aloof with strangers. He has a very protective nature and yet is able to discern friend from foe. He instinctively knows when to become a terrifying, defensive and protective dog for its owner, his grounds, the house and the whole family. He should be submissive to his family and suspicious of strangers.The Cane Corso is normally a quiet dog, barking only when alerted to a strange situation. Despite the breeds size they make excellent house dogs and are very athletic.
This breed needs socialization and as any large dog, owners should obedience train their dog. They get along well with children, protective yet gentle, seemingly aware of the childs helplessness and innocence. Their temperament is very stable. The Cane Corso devotedly loves his family.

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