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Glory Chihuahuas

Glory Chihuahuas




Mandi or Matthew Johnston



Ft. Worth, Texas, United States




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I raise AKC registered Long and Short coat Chihuahuas in a variety of colors including, blue, chocolate, brindle, white, and other. I strive to offer happy, healthy, well socialized puppies that go on to be #1 pets or or even #1 in the show ring! We hope you will stop by and visit us!

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Some more information about Glory Chihuahuas:

My name is Mandi Johnston and I started Glory Chihuahuas almost 6 years ago. I am very proud of the progress I have made over the years with the dogs I am producing. I am only breeding AKC Chihuahuas and most of my breeders have Champion bloodlines. I also pride myself on having well socialized puppies. Now I couldn’t do all this alone so new this year my brother, Matthew Johnston, has stepped in to be a partner with me here at the kennel. Not to be forgotten are to my two beautiful daughters, 5 & 10, who are a huge part in helping socialize and love both our adult dogs and their puppies! We are located in Azle, Tx. which is just outside of Ft. Worth. Please e-mail me if you have any questions. Just use the link at the bottom of the page or just write to You may also call me at 817-449-5043

I raise both long and short coats in a variety of colors. That is one thing I love about Chihuahuas, you never know what you’re going to get. If you are looking for a particular color, size, or coat length please let me know. Before you choose the chihuahua breed it is best to research the breed itself. It is often a common misconception that Chihuahuas are one person dogs and don’t do well with kids. Aside from the fact my two children have been raised with Chihuahuas, if the dog has been raised and socilaized properly it can love and get along with the whole family, including other pets. Just make sure you know and educate your children on how to handle and love the smallest breed of dog there is. They can be a very protective breed and also very loyal to it’s family. In my experience with the breed I have come to know and love this big heart in a tiny package dog as I do hope you will as well.

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