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Nashville Chihuahua

Nashville Chihuahua







Spring Hill, Tennessee, United States


(615) 473-9081


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Breeder of true apple head (short snout)chihuahuas, cobby bodies and small stature. No scammer of the so called tea cup. Just true to size breed standards. Sire is 2 pounds and my dames are 3 to 6 pounds MAX.

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Some more information about Nashville Chihuahua:

I am a very small family run ckc chihuahua breeder. I feel in love with these little Amigos when I got my first chihuahua at 19. Wicket was my one and only for 10 years. After his passing my love for the breed continued. Before I became a stay at home mom of two great little boys, I was a vet tech for 6 years. In my experience I raised and cared for all the orphan kittens and puppies left at the clinic. Since leaving I have greatly missed the reward I would get from being a foster mom.  One day I put two and two together and said WOW I can do this and strive to make great well balanced little Amigo for other people and still enjoy my babies. I get the best of both worlds. My little chihuahuas are exposed to two small boys of 2 and 4. Three great cats and a very busy household. I strive to potty train outside as I am not a fan or believer of puppy pads.. I incorporate my life with these little guys. They are our family. They are never kept in cages. They have free run of a huge privacy fenced in back yard.  All my puppies are in house raised and will have their first set of shots and wormed. A few of my little ones have come from less than social environments, let me say it broke my heart to see how shy and unsure they were. One had never seen grass at the age of 14 weeks!! I make it a goal to never let one of my babies become this way. You will receive a very well social and balanced puppy.  My puppies are for you to love as I love them. We are located 45 minutes south of Nashville Tennessee on I65. My pups are few and far between. All I can say is before they become your baby, they were mine. I am solely responsible for their health, mind and soul. I spend so much every day and night with these special small children. I expect the best from me and the future owner. A dog will love you no matter what. They do not care if you can not get that designer pair of pants or that new car. All they ask for is a nice lap to sit on and a warm bed at night. They do not care if you are dirty or sick. They LOVE. I promise to send you a healthy, sound puppy. Vaccinated and parasite free, with their own personal suitcase packed ( blanket (with mom/s smell, food, toy with smell, treats and a custom sweater with your babies name on it. Plus updated photos every few days till he or she can come home to you.  I will let the babies leave when i feel they have developed enough. Thanks for visiting.

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