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Doberman Von Ryans Luxus

Doberman Von Ryans Luxus


Doberman Pinscher





Toronto, Canada




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Doberman Von Ryans Luxus have been in existance for over 32 years, offering top quality Dobermanns thru out the World..
Doberman Von Ryans Luxus

Doberman Von Ryans Luxus - Puppies for Sale

Doberman Von Ryans Luxus currently does not have any puppies for sale on PupLookUp.

Some more information about Doberman Von Ryans Luxus:

  Unlike most other breeders (this is not a hobby for us) we are also
teachers and are a "PermanentlyRegistered Kennel".
  The responsibilities and commitments at Ryan's Luxus Kennels are rooted from
correct genetics, combined with absolute focus on client satisfaction.
We have incorporated bloodlines of the most sought after Dobermann's the
world has to offer, both past and present , into our breeding program.
   Thirty-two years with "German Doberman" has taught us a great deal,
we are user friendly and willing to share knowledge and experiences.
What really puts Dobermann Von Ryan's Luxus above the crowd is the
priority placed on you as a client and a rock solid, time proven breeding
program .Our highly skilled and experienced staff work hard to ensure your
satisfaction.  No other Dobermann kennel in existence that we know of can boast the
back ground of diversified achievements Von Ryans have personally
accomplished with their Dobermanns.
  Von Ryans Doberman's have been active as , therapy dogs, detectors,
police patrol dogs (P.S.P styled), Search & Rescue, movie stars, sport type
competition (Sch. & I.P.O) of course show ring champions
and most importantly great companions.
  Total price is 2200.00., including ear cropping,firest and second shots, as well as a Federal Government health certificate, travel is extra when applicable (+HST in Canada).
   If you decide upon one of our puppies,you can call us for deposit
information, or if you have any questions, that you feel we can assist with,
I will be happy to oblige. Please feel free to
call us anytime at 1-905-936-0892.

Hope I have been of help,
Best Regards,

John Ryan

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