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Morgen Haus Shepherds

Morgen Haus Shepherds


German Shepherd Dog





Colville, Washington, United States




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German Shepherd Dog breeder of quality German pedigree bloodlines, we start with proven bloodlines and then strive to improve on that with health screening, appropriate diet, minimal immunizations, a great socialization and learning plan for our puppies.

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Morgen Haus Shepherds currently does not have any puppies for sale on PupLookUp.

Some more information about Morgen Haus Shepherds:

We believe that in order to produce the very best German Shepherd Dog a breeder must strive for excellence, balancing the need for optimum health, temperament, intelligence and conformation in each litter.   This balance is necessary for every great German Shepherd Dog, fitting him equally for family companionship, or working and show careers.

Our dogs are selected from outstanding German bloodlines, with proven pedigrees full of amazing dogs.  We spend time researching these bloodlines so we understand what is genetically behind our dogs.  We also believe every breeder thinks they have good dogs, but great breeders prove it.  Our dogs have great pedigrees but they also prove themselves by participating in both conformation and working trials themselves.

Of course a dog must pass hip/elbow certifications for dysplasia prior to becoming part of our breeding program, and all our dogs are screened for degenerative myelopathy.  But we go further, striving for excellence in the diet and in our immunization decisions.

In order for our puppies to leave us prepared for whatever purpose they are intended to fulfill, we constantly research and use the very best socialization methods for our puppies.  They are socialized with a wide circle of dog loving family and friends, and introduced to varied indoor and outdoor environments. 

As you choose a breeder and a new puppy, it is your turn, your chance to make your mark on our beloved

breed.  Amid all the horrible stories of puppy mills and irresponsible breeding practices, there are great breeders working hard as custodians of their breed.   You vote with your checkbook.  You will pay more for your puppy when you buy from a good breeder with an established breeding program.  But this is your moment, your chance to partner in the process of caring for these amazing animals and ensuring the strength and vitality of our beloved German Shepherd Dog now and into the future. 


Morgen Haus Shepherds, because it’s not just a dog, it’s a GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG!


Warning: When buying an animal, safely meet the seller in person. Never purchase an animal sight unseen.