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Bonesteel Dane Kennels

Bonesteel Dane Kennels


Great Dane


Kyle & Erin Bonesteel



Gainesville, Florida, United States


(904) 964-2779


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We are a family oriented Kennel that provides Great Dane puppies from our family pets. We do not have dogs for the sole purpose of breeding. These dogs are our companions as well as breeding dogs.

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Bonesteel Dane Kennels currently does not have any puppies for sale on PupLookUp.

Some more information about Bonesteel Dane Kennels:


 Great Dane Puppies!!!!!

AKC Registered

10 Blacks3 male and 4 female left

Born September 8th and will be ready for a new home by the beginning of November 2008!

 growing puppies


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This litter is from Tonka and Dutchess(see them below). 

All of the puppies are Black-some with white patch on chest.

Pictures are comming soon!

To make a deposit on a puppy or come see the puppies you can contact us at or call us at: 904-964-2779

Minimum deposit required is $200.00

All puppies are $500.00 each.


We absolutely love our Danes!
These animals are a “big” part of our lives.
We currently have a Black Male, a Black Female, and a Harlequin Female  

(Dutchess)-(Black)  33in at shoulders / 140 lbs.

Born August 17th, 2005                                                      

JumperDutchess was our first Great Dane and her personality got us hooked on the breed. We decided that we would like to share the companionship and amazing personalities this breed has to offer with other families. Some of the corky traits Dutchess presents are:    

  • She actually will make the noise woo, woo, woo, on command, when she wants something, and when she is happy to see you.
  • She will open doors by the handle(no door knobs) (Bathroom door has to stay locked…lol) 
  • She loves tennis balls, tug of war, and sleeping in late
  • Weird foods she likes are sour candies, pickles      

Dutchess Devil





 Dutchess in breezeway



(Paisley)-(Harlequin)   Born March 20th, 2008

Erin and Paisley

Paisely is still a puppy, but we are getting to know her fast. Paisely became part of our family as a mother’s day present in 2008 just before our son was born. Some of her corky traits are:Paisley

  • She has lots of puppy energy!
  • She like to paddle water out of her water bowl
  • She like to put her mouth over the garden hose and playing in mud
  • She like to try getting up on the couch








(Black w/small white patch on chest)  

35in at shoulders / 155 lbs.

Born December 21st, 2006

 Tonka at 9weeks old                           Tonka in the backyard

Tonka was our second Great Dane and became part of our family to give Dutchess another dog to play with and of course we wanted another Great Dane. Tonka is a big dumb loveable dog. Anyone who has got to know him has fallen in love with him (my brother keeps saying he’s going to take him).His corky traits are:

Tonka on the Couch

  • He loves to play “chase me” and tug of war.

  • He is a jumper and likes to jump over the baby gate

  • He has huge jowls that you can hide skittles in…lol

  • He loves going for walks or jogs


Tonka's Head





 All of our Great Danes are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC)





Great Dane Puppies!!!!!

Puppies from previous litter in 2007

Previous PuppiesHarlequin Puppies

You can contact us at or call us at: 904-964-2779

Warning: When buying an animal, safely meet the seller in person. Never purchase an animal sight unseen.