Miniature Pinscher

AKC Recognized tiny size dog Good Guard Dog (Barks) Good With Kids Low Energy. Good Apartment Dog.

Popular Dog Breed Questions:

Is the Miniature Pinscher AKC recognized?


What size is the Miniature Pinscher?


What is the average weight of a Miniature Pinscher?

8 - 10 lbs.

Is a Miniature Pinscher a good guard dog?

Yes - It will bark at intruders.

Is a Miniature Pinscher good with kids?

Yes, it's great with kids.

What type of energy level does a Miniature Pinscher have?

Low. Good apartment dog. Needs excercise though.

Is the Miniature Pinscher hypoallergenic?


Does the Miniature Pinscher shed?

Yes, it sheds.
What type of dog is the Miniature Pinscher? Companion, Toy.

More information on the Miniature Pinscher:

The Miniature Pinscher is a lively and very energetic breed that requires a great deal of exercise. Miniature Pinschers are not for everyone, as they are very curious, strong willed, and frolicsome. Their owners must have a great sense of humor and a lot of patience. They are intensely curious and when tethered in a front yard will spend hours sitting up on their haunches to maximize their view and overcome their low height; they are adept at walking on their hind legs and will frequently do so when greeting familiar people. This breed truly does not see itself as a small breed. As such, it gets into trouble because a Miniature Pinscher will attack a much larger dog if it perceives a threat. Protective attitude and guard instincts are very strong in this breed. They can be one-owner dogs, or adapt greatly to families. The breed is very loyal and will alert their owner to any changes within the home environment.

Miniature Pinscher Puppies For Sale:

Sorry, there are no Miniature Pinscher puppies for sale at this time.
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