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Evolution Bulldogges

Evolution Bulldogges


Old English Bulldog


Brian Miller



Topeka, Kansas, United States




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Massive, Powerful, Muscle Bound, 100 pound Bulldogges. Hip x-rayed, and DNA tested free of genetic disorders. Lifetime Guarantee on all of our puppies.
Evolution Bulldogges

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Evolution Bulldogges

Starting 2 years ago we began x-raying hips of our Olde English Bulldogge  breeding stock to better pair up our breedings and to ensure we only breed quality Olde English Bulldogges in our breeding program, to ensure we have only the healthiest Olde English bulldogge puppies for sale. We also exercise our Olde Bulldogges regularly which allows us to know the limitations and strengths of each bulldogges movement, breathing, and athletic ability. We only use capable Olde english Bulldogges with good movement that breathe well in our breeding program. While we want extreme bulldogge looks, we also realize that going too extreme will hinder the function of the animal, and we strive to produce bulldogges with sound structure, and proper angulation with skeletal alignment to produce bulldogges that move fluidly. We are also the very first kennel in the world to send canine DNA samples to DNA Diagnostics for VeriSNP testing. VeriSNP is a brand new technology developed by DNA Diagnostics Inc. which allows them to detect multiple DNA markers simultaneously all in one single test. Currently they have found markers to test for over 40 different heritable canine diseases. This will allow us to pair up breedings that will consistently produce bulldogges clear of known heritable genetic disease.

We also work within the breed as a whole to help others produce better bulldogges. On May 14th, 2007 we created The Bully Board to provide a fun forum for accurate information and education and to promote awareness on important olde english bulldogge related topics. Currently, The Bully Board has an average of 526 visitors, and an average of 5,178 page views EACH DAY! (Nov. 29, 2008) In my program I work towards bulldogges that are capable, healthy, sweet natured, and impressive to look at.
*Capable- I work to create Olde English Bulldogges that breathe very clean, have enough muscle to counter-act their bone mass, have fluid gaits, can jump freely, breed naturally, and accompany active family members.
*Healthy- I work to produce bulldogges that require only regular preventive maintenance.
*Sweet Natured- I breed to create bulldogges that are even tempered, stable, and trustworthy in all company.
*Impressive Looking- The Olde English Bulldogges I work towards are over 100 pounds of massive bulk on structurally sound frames. The chest is nearly as wide as the dogge is tall, the circumference of the head will be at least 5% larger than the height, with a small tucked waist and thick ripped up rear end. The overall silhouette of the animal will be unmistakably bulldog, with an undershot jaw, pendulous flews, powerful stance, and beastly in proportions.  These animals will command your attention immediently.










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