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Attention to detail is the word here! We are careful with the girls that we breed and to the males that we breed them to! We want healthy happy babies! We make sure that both the parents are healthy before we breed. We have done DNA testing on both parents to ensure that no unhealthy defects are passed on to the babies.
Bradley's Pugs Bradley's Pugs

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Some more information about Bradley's Pugs:

I breed with confidence for the health and happiness of the breed.  Our puppies are raised in our living room so that they are used to the noises and confusion of daily living.  This makes them well adjusted and not prone to be frightened of noises and activity.  They also like to watch TV while they snooze the day away.  The TV also masks the outside noises so that they are not barking and trying to get outside to whatever has caught their attention.
We also do training on our babies while they are in that small window of opportunity to easily train.  They learn "Leave it!" first as that command will help them to learn to stop whatever they are doing and come to me.  It works well with unnecessary barking, chewing on things that they should not be chewing on, or any one of a myriad of things that little puppies get themselves in to!  We start to litter box train at 10 days old to help with potty training for outside.  We do weekly nail trims so that they are comfortable with the proceedure.  
We try to think of any obstacle that could impede the bond between one of our babies and their new family.  They are age appropriate vaccinated, microchipped, and given an excellent diet from the moment that we decide to breed their parents and start them.  We want our babies to have the best Life has to offer them, and that will always start with good medical practices and excellent food for healthy happy bodies.  We feel that over the years that we have achieved that goal, even as we strive to become better.

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