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Shih Tzu


Teresa Ranson



Romsey, United Kingdom




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The dogs have a specially built cabin to which we keep them at night time or when its raining, if the weather is ok then they have an acre of land to which they can run aroud in! These dogs are imported from the USA... they are Imperial shih-tzus, this means they are smaller than the standard shih-tzu. they can weigh upto 9lbs only! We have lots of colours such as chocolate, orange, liver, black, red, tri-colour, cream, gold, some with black masks, some black and white also. we have kept standard shih-tzus for 24 years, but have only recently became hobby breeders of the imperial.

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Karashishi Shih-Tzus.

Hi, My name is Teresa Ranson. For 24 years I have owned Standard Shih-Tzus, however, in the last 3 I have been extremely fond of the smaller shih-tzu founded in China and then, America. These are known as Imperial Shih-tzus! They can weigh up to 9lbs only! I import many of my breeding bitches and studs from Texas. I have the best quality dogs that i could find, many of them coming from champion bloodlines. I am beleived to be the only Imperial Breeder in the UK. I just do it as a hobby, as I also have a full time job. However, I find that much of the time, it is a full time job when the puppies come! 

We have many different colours, from chocolate to orange, red to black, liver to gold.

I own 4 stud dogs, however, I only use two for a stud service.. Jamocha, a liver coloured boy of 6.5lbs and Kobe, a black and white boy of 8lbs.

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