Yorkshire Terrier

AKC Recognized tiny size dog Good Guard Dog (Barks) Good With Kids Low Energy. Good Apartment Dog. Hypo Allergenic Dog Non-Shedding Dog

Popular Dog Breed Questions:

Is the Yorkshire Terrier AKC recognized?


What size is the Yorkshire Terrier?


What is the average weight of a Yorkshire Terrier?

4 - 7 lbs.

Is a Yorkshire Terrier a good guard dog?

Yes - It will bark at intruders.

Is a Yorkshire Terrier good with kids?

Yes, it's great with kids.

What type of energy level does a Yorkshire Terrier have?

Low. Good apartment dog. Needs excercise though.

Is the Yorkshire Terrier hypoallergenic?

Yes, it's considered to be hypoallergenic.

Does the Yorkshire Terrier shed?

No, it does not shed. Extra grooming will be required.
What type of dog is the Yorkshire Terrier? Companion, Toy, Terrier.

More information on the Yorkshire Terrier:

The Yorkshire Terrier (often called simply the Yorkie) is a breed of small dog in the terrier category. The long-haired terrier is known for its playful demeanor and distinctive blue and tan coat. Yorkies can be very small, usually weighing not more than 7 pounds (3.18 kg); the standard of this breed does not mention the minimum weight accepted nor does it specify a height. Based on registrations of the American Kennel Club, Yorkshire Terriers became the second most popular dog breed in the United States in 2006, trailing only the Labrador Retriever.

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